Marvel’s Avengers will reveal the post-launch characters after Christmas

Marvel's Avengers will reveal the post-launch characters after Christmas

The Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix plan will be begged until 2020; The last months before launch will have a lot of information.

Crystal Dynamics will not offer more details about the next superheroes that will arrive after the launch of Marvel’s Avengers until Christmas has passed. The first quarter of 2020 is postulated as a key period for Square Enix in the task of communicating to the community what this project is and what it intends to be long term.

Because beyond history, the game will be updated with more Avengers , more villains, more stories, all free. The head designer of the project, Philippe Therien , has talked about the post-launch content and the cooperative in Actu Gaming, a conversation where he has placed people after the Christmas campaign. It will be then when, in his words, we also see new Marvel’s Avengers trailers. “After the end of the year we can talk about the road map and how often we will be adding the characters,” he says.


We know some things about the contents that will arrive via DLC (free). Regarding the characters, they will have a unique and different gameplay for each one, with their own story . Thus, beyond what we are told about Captain America , Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Ms. Marvel and Hulk , the rest of the playable characters will narrate their own expertise.

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