Marvel’s Avengers delves into its mechanics and narrative in a new trailer

The Crystal Dynamics game, developed in collaboration with Eidos Montreal and under the umbrella of Square Exix, details its keys on video.

There is still room for superheroes, even if they don’t know it themselves. Marvel’s Avengers , the new Crystal Dynamics production , part of the tragedy, of death, of hatred that some profess. The Avengers Day ends in disgrace, so the team decides to separate their paths. However, they will come together again to fight a new threat . Square Enix has just published a new trailer that offers an overview of all aspects of the game.

In a press release, Bandai Namco, distributor of the game in Spain, explained that the hero missions are only for one player and will take place during the campaign. They have been set up to present the special abilities of each of the heroes. On the other hand, the war zone will be available for up to four players, although lone wolves will also be able to access. “Each mission dynamically adjusts to the size of the team and the level of the player,” confirms the press release.


A Look At the Customization

Customizing our superheroes will be a possibility. For this, we will have classic attires , as well as new ones, all inspired by 80 years of Marvel history. Even so, not everything is costumes, we can also customize the characters according to the style of play we choose. Therefore, skills will be activated or deactivated and we will have dynamic combo systems, heroic movements and unlockable abilities. In fact, the equipment of each Avenger will be exclusive to each one.

The video game’s story will not end when the game goes on sale. The press release also specifies that the title will be expanded with new story arcs “over several years.” Of course, they point out, “any region or new superhero will be free if you own the main game.

Marvel’s Avengers is in development for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia .

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