Marvel’s Avengers: this is how each of the Avengers fights

Marvel's Avengers: this is how each of the Avengers fights

After testing the game at Madrid Games Week 2019, we explain the basic fundamentals of each of the superheroes.

The new Avengers adventure takes shape. Marvel’s Avengers , an action game developed by Crystal Dynamics in collaboration with Eidos Montreal, puts us in the shoes of a group of superheroes, each with its corresponding fighting style. The study is aware of the challenge and knows that they “play the reputation on it” , but they work piece by piece with the aim of designing a videogame to match. One of the challenges has been precisely to differentiate the characters. In Madrid Games Week 2019 we have had the opportunity to get to the controls and try a premature demo that lets us glimpse the different fighting styles of The Avengers.

For Scot Amos, head of the study, “the challenge was to be able to balance those differences so that everyone plays their part in the title without anyone being much more powerful.” The real challenge is to get players to sit in the shoes of Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and company. Will they get it?

Thor and Iron Man, the god and the scientist

The first of the characters we handle, Thor, uses his most characteristic weapon, the hammer. It has two main attacks, a quick hit and a strong but slower one. You can also spread hammers in the air and hit hard when it falls to the ground. Throwing the hammer and recovering it takes several enemies ahead and is very effective. As if that were not enough, his final attack does not leave a puppet with a head.

From the ground to the sky. A character like Iron Man, who fights mostly from the air, must master flight technique well . In Marvel’s Avengers, this facet feels a bit awkward at first, especially after trying out the latest BioWare game, Anthem. In a first phase, the superhero flies forward and a target appears that we can move to shoot at all the enemies that appear on the horizon. Then the combat develops closer to the ground. We have the possibility to levitate and crush enemies with our arsenal . Suddenly, automatic turrets fire relentlessly … but not for long. We say goodbye to them and a new hero awaits us.

Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow: three different profiles

Hulk represents a change from the previous two characters. His corpulence makes him a heavier character , and that is reflected in the gameplay. We take an enemy and throw him against the enemy; to another, instead, we take it among the masses and use it to annihilate other criminals. Given its volume, Hulk can destroy heavy vehicles. However, it runs faster than it might seem at first glance. Their jumps usually end in a blow to the ground whose shock wave reaches the rivals.


A good attack needs a careful defense. Captain America carries a shield that serves to defend against the shots he receives. But the same object of protection acquires offensive capacity. He combines blows with the shield and his arm, has the ability to throw it against the enemy in a manner very similar to Thor’s with his hammer, only if he carries it for longer, he will have the possibility of breaking the shields that the antagonists carry .

Playing with Black Widow feels different, because he is a character as graceful and fast as deadly . His technique is infiltration, but that does not mean that he does not face enemies face to face. At the end of the demo, the heroine fights an enemy that flies. Armed with two guns, very much like Lara Croft, he must shoot while dodging the blows of his rival. At some point, the enemy will lose the jet pack that drives it, so the combat will be settled on land. Here, Black Widow also uses her fists and takes advantage of her speed.

The Madrid Games Week 2019 demo is designed so that the player can experiment with all the characters. The problem is that since it is an introductory test, we handle each of them without going deeper , so the feeling that it is a tutorial does not leave us at any time. There is still time for Crystal Dynamics to polish the playable experience, so we will have to wait to see if they can design the product they want.

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