Crystal Dynamics: “We don’t want you to feel bored in Marvel’s Avengers”

Crystal Dynamics: "We don't want you to feel bored in Marvel's Avengers"

Marvel’s Avengers is being one of the great attractions of Madrid Games Week 2019 , a fair that is on its last opening day today Sunday. On the other side of the pond, however, they are also celebrating another event of special attention for fans of the entertainment world. The Comic Con of New York has not only left us the release date of Marvel’s Iron Man VR, but also various news around the title with which we opened this news.

GameSpot has had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Scot Amos, studio head of Crystal Dynamics; A talk that has led to reaffirm the company’s commitment in its first service game. “We don’t want people to feel bored or run out of things,” he explains. According to Scot, they have learned from other rivals within the genre about “what works and doesn’t work” and the speed at which “the most enthusiastic can consume all the content.”

“How can we keep them hooked in an intelligent way that rewards them for their time in the game?” Scot confesses. Recognize that currently that question “is the most important” within the team. “If you want to play more, we want to give you more content to complete,” he concludes.

We have seen it in other games like Destiny , where Bungie did not gauge its useful life; a title of these characteristics lives to bring freshness to that repetition, and it was not until the arrival of The King of the Possessed , the first expansion of the original, when the first stone was laid to build the magnificent structure on which its sequel is sustained .


Like Bungie, Scot insists on the relevance of listening to the community . “We have a large community that we can access to listen to the players and react accordingly. Our community management team is great. ”

Ms. Marvel, sixth playable character

Kamala Khan broke all the forecasts by becoming the sixth playable character in Marvel’s Avengers . As if that were not enough, she is also the main protagonist of the adventure, whose powers obtained after the Terrigénesis will hide the Avengers during certain sections.

Being a complete rookie in using your inhuman skills, it playably feels much slower to use than the rest of the cast . The vice president of content and character development of Marvel and co-creator of Kamala, Sana Amanat, thanked during the presentation “the way” in which Crystal Dynamics “has captured their movements and personality.”

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