Marvel’s Avengers: Ms. Marvel, confirmed as sixth playable character

Marvel's Avengers: Ms. Marvel, confirmed as sixth playable character


An intervention of Crystal Dynamics during the New York Comic Con has served to learn important news about Marvel’s Avengers , and that is that Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel , will join Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Thor to be the sixth playable title character. Not only that, but also will be basically the main character of the game, starring in passing the new trailer.

Key Game Character

Khan already makes an appearance in the first trailers of Marvel’s Avengers, in which they began to talk about the disaster of Day A , and in which he also mentions a girl who is a big fan of The Avengers. This girl is nothing but Kamala, a girl who through Terrigénesis unlocks her Inhuman powers, being able to stretch her arms and legs, as well as change her shape. For much of the video game he will hide his powers from the rest of the Avengers.

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