Marvel’s Avengers presents an unlockable Thor: Lord of Asgard costume

Marvel's Avengers presents an unlockable Thor: Lord of Asgard costume

Marvel’s Avengers will also serve as a respectful nod to the Marvel Comics culture. Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Thor will have an unlockable suit based on the famous comic strip comic by Dan Jurgens , Tom Raney and Joe Bennett of 2011, which is located just after Odin’s death, when the God of Thunder succeeds his father in the Asgard’s throne, Thor: Lord of Asgard .

The suit is really based on the homonymous compilation that Thor collects from # 44 to # 50 back in 1998; It symbolizes a lot for the character because it is, in a way, what enshrines him as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. Your choice is no accident and will be represented as we see in the publication of the study on Twitter. As they comment, this suit can be unlocked by playing.

At the moment they have not specified the method of unlocking this outfit, but it is confirmed that it will be part of the game and, therefore, will not be paid. The game will feature microtransactions , but only aesthetics, so that the multiplayer mode is not compromised to be susceptible to the so-called pay to win .

Recently we learned that the game will also feature a series of comics derived as a sequel that will expand the fictional and parallel universe that Crystal Dynamics is designing. The first confirmed is from Iron Man.

It should be remembered that those attending Madrid Games Week, which is being held from October 3 to 6 at IFEMA, Madrid, can try Marvel’s Avengers, among other games such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, Solo Leveling Manga at the Bandai Namco stand.


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