Marvel’s Avengers will focus on “humans behind the mask”

Marvel's Avengers will focus on "humans behind the mask"

When Insomniac Games set out to move its own version of Spider-Man to PS4, he thought of the character beyond the superhero, in Peter Parker, the person. Crystal Dynamics is also exploring a similar perspective with its new title , the long-awaited Marvel’s Avengers , since in an official PlayStation blog post, the study has revealed that the idea is to focus on “humans behind the mask.”

“When we outlined the first draft of the story, we had to consider many things,” explains Scot Amos, head of the study. We wanted that in our game, the Avengers were dissolved so that it was the players who gathered them back again . ” Therefore, it is not “only to save the world,” but “you are saving The Avengers.”

Five studies involved in development

Developing a video game based on such an important IP is a great challenge for Crystal Dynamics. “We play our reputation on this,” acknowledges Amos. “As we did with Lara Croft in 2013, we want to show the world how we do things from an original perspective.” They are not alone. Currently, there are five studios working in production.

“Four of the five studies have collaborated with us many times in the past, while the fifth is a new study created by our people, so we know how to work with them.” That does not mean that each of the studios is focusing on a single superhero. In Crystal Dynamics they have a team that takes care of the characters which is also there in My Hero Academia Manga, from their design to the movements and the fighting style.


Each of the characters is played differently, says Amos. “The challenge was to be able to balance those differences so that everyone plays their part in the title without anyone being much more powerful.” At the same time, they wanted them to have their own entity, not to feel like a skin. This will also be transferred to the characters that arrive via DLC.

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