5 Tips to Start Game Streaming


Video games used to be just entertainment. Yet it has become a lucrative and viable career for many today. By publishing their games, game publishers can gather a large audience and earn substantial money in the process. But it is not as simple as it seems. And it’s not just about being good at the game.

Streaming games require you to take a few steps and gather the appropriate equipment to make the experience smooth and enjoyable for you and your audience. Before turning your passion for video games into your full-fledged business, consider following these tips to help you get started:

Have a Game Plan
All great plans start with a clear goal in mind. As a first time player, you should know which games you want to stream. You’ll encounter many streamers playing games of various genres, so it’s a fierce competition to gain subscribers. Therefore, choosing a particular type will help narrow down competitors by a small margin. You will also benefit from playing exciting games and you will not force yourself to enjoy something you do not like.

First-person shooting (FPS) games are believed to be quite popular on streaming platforms. If you like these games or play well, the next challenge will be how to stand out from others playing the same games. Some broadcasters have quirks or unique abilities that attract viewers. Meanwhile, others have good marketing skills to get their name heard.

You can review embedded broadcasters by watching their videos or clips, which you can download using a video-on-demand tool such as: Twitch VOD downloader. Observe how they engage with their audience and how these actors make their live streams entertaining enough for viewers to watch for hours.

Get a Gaming PC
Publishers invest in cutting-edge equipment to handle games with large disk space and high frame rates. If you’re still using your old laptop or personal computer (PC), you’ll need to replace them before you start streaming. But there are a few examples of popular game publishers who started their careers with simple hardware and eventually rose to something better.


Gaming PCs come in different prices and styles. Which brand and model you choose is up to you. But if you plan to play and stream on one device, it’s best to choose a computer that can handle both tasks at the same time. Choose one that allows the highest possible video definition, such as 1080p and above. Most streamers play games at this resolution because it’s clearer in live video.

However, keep in mind that higher resolutions usually require a faster Internet connection. So in addition to focusing on your gaming hardware, consider your available bandwidth.

Stock up on Peripherals
Having a quality camera is also very important for a game streamer. While some viewers don’t always focus on the actor’s face during a live broadcast, it’s still nice to see a real person playing a game they love. Using external cameras, such as a vlog camera, over a built-in webcam often yields better videos that match the quality of the on-screen gameplay. Just plug in your device and play.

Another item you should invest in is a microphone. Depending on your budget or desk space, you can purchase clip-on lavalier microphones or pop-filter standing microphones. Some streamers don’t talk much while playing games, but if you want to interact with your audience, it’s recommended to get a good microphone so the audience can always hear you loud and clear.

Choose a Streaming Engine
Besides the equipment setup, you won’t be able to stream your game unless you have a program to record your screen activity. Streaming engines aren’t necessary, but are useful for streamers looking to turn their hobby of playing video games into a monetization career. These apps allow you to customize your output screen, add graphics and enable green screen effects to make your streaming channel stand out and more fun to watch.

Engage Your Viewers
Whether you’re playing a popular game or something more obscure, you’ll have at least one viewer watching you. They may not be leaving you messages every minute, but it’s nice to acknowledge their presence and thank them, especially when they click the Follow or Subscribe button at the end.

Do not hesitate to talk to them to grow your audience and build a better relationship with them. Stream viewers often have limited ways of communicating via chat or speech-to-text, but they will feel appreciated if you interact with them as if you were in the same room. You don’t need to speak for the entire duration of your broadcast. After all, most viewers expect a great actor to have good focus.

Cutscenes and loading screens are excellent times to talk to your audience. These are the best moments to answer questions, tell random anecdotes about your life, or chat about anything under the sun.

Playing casual games also allows you to engage more with your audience. But if you can play and talk at the same time, seize the opportunity. Your target audience will find you more entertaining that way. current state of web stream.

Streaming games are a great way to make some money while doing something you enjoy. You can start your broadcasting journey with the appropriate equipment and mindset. There will be bumps along the way and success may not come right away. But you’ll still be doing something not everyone wants to try. This is a bold move that you will love in the future, once your audience has grown and shown their admiration for you.

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