7 Ways to Win in Mahjong

Wondering how to win Mahjong? With the right strategy, practice and patience, you can become the master of this game. However, you should also avoid rushing into making random moves, as this can jeopardize your position in the game.

Of course, there is no 100% guaranteed Mahjong strategy; You can follow a few tips for a better grip on the game. This post will discuss the seven best ways you can follow to improve your Mahjong skills and win this interesting game.

The purpose of the game

Beginners get the impression that Mahjong is a daunting game. But in reality, it is a simple game that can be won with the right strategies and hints. You can learn tricks to get better at the game in each round of the game.

Mahjong players are determined to collect Chows, i.e. three consecutive tiles of the same suit, Pungs, i.e. three identical tiles of the same suit, and Kongs, i.e. four identical tiles of the same suit. The player who does “Go Mahjong” wins the game.

Mahjong Strategies for Beginners

If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to win in Mahjong, read the strategies below. They will help you beat your opponent in the game.

#1 Always Have a Clear Game Plan

In Mahjong, you have to carefully select the tiles you want and don’t want. With a clear action plan, you can understand where the game is going.

You should always keep an eye on your opponent because they are watching your moves. They are trying to figure out which hand you are holding with the tiles you have or not.

You have to bluff with confidence in the game. In fact, some experienced players use bluffs to win their game. Avoid rushing the game. You have to use the tiles you need wisely to achieve your goals.

#2 Be Flexible With Your Strategies

You should always be ready to abandon your game strategy and choose a new strategy to win the game. Being inflexible and changing your strategy can get you in trouble.

If you want to know how to win in mahjong, you have to let the players predict your moves and plans. What’s better? Well, this strategy goes hand in hand with any clear game plan and helps you win.

If you can’t find the one you want to win the game, you can use an alternative tile. Successful players believe in adjusting their game as they progress. It is considered a wise move to abandon your current strategy and choose a new one.

#3 Don’t Catch First Throw

Getting the first discard should never be your game plan because it reveals a lot about your moves. Also, any intelligent observer in the game can understand all your plans.

It may reveal that you lack experience or that you played a hand too early. It is not recommended to explain too much as it may cause you to lose. You should try to resist the garbage thrown from time to time.

There is a good opportunity for you to build a good hand as there are multiple tiles in the game. Remember that sometimes playing a hand later is sometimes a good move.

#4 Grab a Couple and Sit With Them

It is considered useful for keeping couples. You can use them to build a Chow, Pung or even a Kong. It’s easy to make a Pung as you go along, especially if you already have a pair or two on hand. Any experienced Mahjong player will suggest you do so if you ask how to win in Mahjong tiles.

In the game, if you claim the third tile early to create a Pung, you must reveal your game early. It also makes it easier for other players to adapt to their strategies.

#5 Avoid Gaps in Your Tiles

When learning how to win in American Mahjong, new players often leave gaps between tiles when setting up the course.

Sorting the tiles in combinations helps you find your next moves easily. But unfortunately, it also tells your competitors a lot about your strategy. This way, other players can understand what your game strategies are and block you. Some players are so good at knocking down their opponents like this that they’ve learned how to win Mahjong every time.

Opponents can do this by not revealing a tile. They don’t do this because they believe you need that tile. Therefore, avoid leaving gaps in your tiles. You should also monitor your movements regularly.

You can mislead your opponents by using unrelated pieces to show that they have pairs. It’s called giving an image of something you don’t have.

#6 Don’t Be Pure

Even if you are new to the game, you should be familiar with some game moves. You’ll never learn how to win a Mahjong game if you don’t know what tactics your opponents can use.

Not all people you play with are new to the concept of Mahjong. So being too naive about the game can cause you to lose it.

#7 Get Close to the End

The game gets interesting as it progresses towards the end. As the game becomes more fun, you should pay attention to the stones thrown by other players. Watching the discarded tiles carefully and planning your strategies can make you a winner. It is recommended that you discard the tiles that others have thrown.


You can combine the strategies suggested in this post with your skills to improve your game. Your skills will improve with each round. Also, Mahjong provides an opportunity to learn by watching other players.

Consider playing with experienced players as they improve their strategy. Seeing them play can help you learn a lot.

You can understand how to win mahjong online – not by reading manuals, but by playing online. Learn how to win and play Mahjong online by typing play mahjong game in any search engine.

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