Agent 21 New updates from Agent State

The recently released Valorant showed some issues with the current agent meta.

Among all the issues raised by Riot Gamesthere was more information about the new agent 21 that seems to confirm the leak.

With no official information about the new agent, this is a step towards his release.

So let’s take a look at the new information about Valorant Agent 21 and see what leaks have been confirmed.

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Mage, who is Agent 21?

Mage could be the codename of the next agent to be released in Valorant.

The codename, official name, and other information for players to check out have been leaked several times.

However, most of these were leaks, so their reputation is not that strong.

But with the recent release of State of the Agents, we now have some official information from Riot about a new character that we can explore.

Exposed identity confirmed?

The name and code name of Agent 21 have been revealed several times. Varun Batra is his real name but code name Mage has also been leaked.

The publication has not yet said anything about either of these. Instead, the Riot team still called him Agent 21.

However, the Indian heritage associated with both of his names is taken seriously with a quote at the end that goes like this…

“Jald hi milte hain.”

It translates from Hindi and says something like “See you soon”.

Agent 21 role confirmed?

Within the sub-paragraph about the new agent, there was a discussion about the lack of controllers in the game.

It is very likely that agent 21 is a controller type after this message. This confirms the leaked information for this.

Agent 21’s abilities confirmed?

Agent 21 also had hints from the development team at Riot Games about the abilities of Valorant’s new agent.

“We’ve let this soak in enough that Agent 21 is almost ready to go. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information on this board, so I’m going to refrain from saying much more. “

The heavy words used, a common feature of Riot, emphasize that water will be the key to this new agent kit.

However, since there was no direct announcement from the team, we cannot say that this is a fact….despite the heavy implications.

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