Agent status, meta, balance and roles

Patch 3.0 for Valorant brought big changes to this year’s most popular Riot Games FPS game.

Because of this, the development teams have addressed any balance issues and the current meta in Valorant.

Riot is always active with their content and trying to keep their players happy, so this development is great for all the adjustments that need to be made.

So let’s see what Riot Games has noticed with the current state of agents in Valorant with their balance and meta.

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How is Riot handling Valorant’s agent balance?

Before we get into the details of what Riot noticed about Valorant agents, let’s see what they are analyzing.

Valorant teams tend to…

Winrate and Pickrate data in Solo Queue

  • They look at Agent’s non-mirror win rate at multiple MMR levels on different maps to get a measure of high level power.
  • The selection criteria of the agent are distributed. This will determine the differences and similarities in terms of numerically strong agents and which agents players choose to play.

Player perception

  • While they check and value media for agent feel, much of the player perception data they use for balance is more than you might think!
  • They send countless polls to players all over the world to find out how you feel about the game/Agents and find out if they are too strong, weak, frustrated, etc. in the current meta.

Pro Play

  • They take a close look at Pro Play selection prices and trends to understand what teams and players perceive as the most valuable agents, comps and utilities in the game in different contexts.

Our design principles

  • Assessing how agents conform to team design principles. An agent’s accuracy means that they have clearly identified their strengths and weaknesses compared to their peers.

Key Meta Agents

Riot has seen some movement within the diversity of certain agent roles. Especially the role of the initiator.

This is especially popular with the move from Sova to Fade.

Chambers was also an important point for the team, as he became the most popular agent in 2022.

Despite the big changes in the agent, the plan is to balance it more in the competitive arena.

Player perception

Alexander Mistakidis spoke about the balance of understanding this key information about the current state of agents in Valorant.

Their main concern is how players perceive the balance of agents in the game.

Because metaculture is a living, ever-changing culture, it can always change.

Update agent 21

Now we have more official information about the new Agent 21 as well.

Speaking about the new agent, the development team noted the lack of controllers in the game. Therefore, it is highly likely that this new agent will be a type of controller.

“We’ve let this soak in enough that Agent 21 is almost ready to come out. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information on this board, so I’m going to refrain from saying much more. “

The quote also seems to confirm that the new agent will have water-related abilities.

The message ended

“Jald hi milte hain.”

It translates to “See You Soon” in Hindi.

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