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Modern Warfare 2 is the next thing to Call of Duty and if you know the franchise, you know that the new installment also has new maps and new modes.

Modern Warfare 2 is set to introduce a new mode called “Knock Out” as well as tons of new maps and players to try them all out. Ahead of its late October release date, Modern Warfare 2 is running a series of beta tests to give players a look at the aforementioned new maps and modes.

That being said, here is the full list of maps and modes active in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

All active maps and modes in CoD: Warfare 2

With release for Friday, October 28, 2022 we don’t see a complete list of all the maps and modes coming to CoD: Modern Warfare 2, but thanks to a series of beta tests we have an idea of ​​what to expect.

CoD Modern Warfare 2: All Maps and Active Modes - Farm 18

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Credit: Activision

CREW SECTION: Farm 18 is one of the new maps coming to Modern Warfare 2

All active maps

Currently, there are a total of seven confirmed maps coming to Modern Warfare 2, including both six-by-six and 32-by-32.

Here is the list:

Six approved maps

  • Brenberg Hotel
  • Farm 18
  • Grand prix
  • Mercado Las Almas
  • Valderas Museum

Maps approved 32-32

However, currently only four are in use with the first week of beta testing, which includes the early access beta (September 16-17) and the open beta (18-20), ie Farm 18, Valderas Museum, Mercado Last Almasand Brenberg Hotel.

All active modes

When it comes to modes, there are five different game modes in beta testing so far. This includes the brand new Knock Out and a number of classic methods.

Here is the list:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Dominion
  • Rescue the prisoners
  • Knock out
  • Search and destroy

Knock Out is a mode described as “Knock out the opposing force or hold the pack to win. Teammates can revive each other.” It’s six-on-six, plays on circular objectives, and is placed on small to large maps.

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