An indefinite transfer window is set to revive the struggling side

The FPL season is upon us, which means you can jump in NOW and start your management journey ahead of the new season.

With prices revealed and a new season now, it’s time to look at the fine details you’ll need to reach the top.

Find out more about the new rules in the FPL 22/23 game below.

New FPL Rules

Not many new rules have been added to the game this year, with minor tweaks to accommodate things like the Winter World Cup.

About it, a new window of unlimited transfer will open Saturday, November 12marks the start of an upcoming 2-month period where fans can complete as many free transfers as possible.

Two-factor authentication has also been enabled in the new season to make sure you can rest easy knowing that no one has hijacked your side.

Finally, as always, a new season means a new look and UI change for FPL 22/23.

Return of four chips

FPL fans will breathe a sigh of relief when they see that the four popular chips are back and they haven’t changed.

For anyone who doesn’t know, these chips are:

Wild sign – Completely overhaul your team without losing points
Triple captain – Get three total points for your captain
Raise the Bench – Get points from your irreplaceable players
Free hit – Restore your team only one week before returning it

The wild card comes twice a season, which means you’ll have plenty of chances to completely change the look of your side throughout the 22/23 FPL season.


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