Are Indie Games Better Than AAA Titles? Lockiteheimer

A completely different experience

With the popularity of the Indie Game Industry, it gives every game developer a chance to bring their ideas to life, making them an industry of their own. It would be wrong to compare. There are actually a lot of different games out there, made by a small group of developers and solo developers who create unique types of games that you would never have thought of.

These games give you a completely different vibe that you usually don’t experience in AAA titles. In terms of the general trend of AAA games these days, Indie Games are better in terms of creativity and even in terms of quality in some cases despite the financial constraints.

As tools for game development and content on how to develop games have become more popular and accessible to developers over the past decade, Indie Games has taken over.

Games are mostly made by solo developers or small development team groups. It seems clear to me that Indie Devs have less “pressure” and a wider window of opportunity to focus and test the quality of the game without worrying too much about the commercial aspect of the game to begin with.

A unique relationship with their community

If you have been following Indie Devs on social platforms, then you must have noticed a different way in terms of how they interact with their audience and how it is essentially person to person and relatable rather than company to person. . Apart from

Game developers often share clips, trailers, and works that talk about the journey and idea behind the game while making a particular scene. Dev of Choo Choo Charles, Stardew Valley is one of the best examples.

You will often see hidden scrolls, behind the scenes that help you connect with the developer/s and draw you into the game and what it has to offer, allowing users to leave honest feedback directly in the comment section. to give

Are you going to experience AAA Game for an Indie title on a comfortable weekend? I know I want to ;). Feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comment box below.

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