Battle Cats Mark 8 Years of Cat Kindness

Popular tower defense game War Cats turns eight. This is about 48 in cat years. And to celebrate, PONOS Corporation has announced a series of celebrations on this occasion.

Who are the War Cats?

Of course, you may already be familiar with The Battle Cats. But for the inexperienced, this is a game where players develop their own army of Cats and fight in a battle in space and time. Using cats.

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Battle Cats offers a very simple combat system and offers hundreds of stages with Legend challenges alongside three Story Mode adventures. And as with any tower defense game, players can acquire new skills to equip their cats with additional powers to keep their attackers at bay.

So what exactly does The Battle Cats offer its fans? Let’s have a look.

War Cats Events

Dynasty Festival (1).png

There is a wide variety of events lined up during the 8th anniversary celebrations. The celebrations will begin from 11:00 am on September 12 to October 10, 2022. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer:

  • A free spin at Wildcat Slots to win Cat Food.
  • Cat Food rewards for trying and collecting Uber Rare heroes from the Dynasty Fest set.
  • Platinum tickets that can be exchanged for a guaranteed Uber Rare Cat hero.
  • Limited number of Arena of Honor ranking events.
  • Special Cats semi-discount sale.
  • A special discount pack featuring a limited edition Gacha Cat hero.
  • Entry stamps to claim a free limited edition Cat hero.
  • New Heavenly Tower Cat Citadel stages.
  • Limited Invasion stages.
  • Treasure Festivals.
  • Limited Sale and Thank You Discount events.
  • Monthly All-Stars stage series.
  • Half-Off Cat energy events.
  • Defeat seasonal stage foes by visiting the Event All-Stars Super Present DX map.

This is a multitude of different events and opportunities for players to acquire new characters and items to enhance their gaming experience.


If you want to play The Battle Cats, you can download it for iOS and Android by clicking. here.

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