BERSERK IS BACK | Manga Will Continue This Month

Berserk Manga will continue with new episodes this month!

Inside Statement from the Juvenile Animal Arrangement Department and Kouji Mori most crazy The manga will go on and on. 6 more episodes of Fantasia Arc followed by one final arc to complete Berserk as Kentaro Miura told Kouji Mori how crazy ends.

I’m excited for crazy to continue and finish the story. I just started reading crazy And I realized how special it is. crazy It got me on an obsessive path to reading Manga and realizing how much I really love manga and anime.

kouji mori goes berserk manga continues to finish young animal kentaro mirua guts returns
Koji Mori.

Let me know what you think of Kouji Mori and Young Animal ending crazy Without Kentaro Miura. Don’t forget to check out my video for all the explanations and my thoughts on this subject. crazy coming back!

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