Best Brain Teasers to Boost Your Brain Power

You can play thousands of brain training games today, many of which you can find online. Brain training can help improve your logic, reaction time and memory. You are already aware of the importance of physical exercise to maintain your physical health and fitness.

You may be less aware that scheduling regular sessions to exercise your brain should also be part of your daily routine. Whether you prefer to buy pen and paper or use a dedicated brain training app, playing brain training games can sharpen your brain. Here are some games and brain training apps you can use.


You don’t always have to use fancy apps to keep your brain sharp. Sudoku may be old school, but it’s as popular as ever. Neurologists consider it one of the best brain boosters. Sudoku is a logic game with the planning type that improves your concentration and short-term memory. You can play online, in an app, or offline in newspapers or magazines. It’s a numbers game and you have to guess and think about the results.
You have to fill a grid of nine squares, which is then divided into nine smaller squares. Each number must appear once in each horizontal line, vertical line and square. The games are available in difficulty levels and you can start by playing the easier ones until you learn the rules.

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Peak is a stylish, well-designed educational app with a variety of mini-games to stimulate your brain. It claims to improve your language, memory, attention, and overall mental agility. With over 30 games to play, you have enough variety to play daily sessions without getting bored.

The app is free, but a reasonable monthly subscription lets you customize your gameplay and gives you more stats. You can track your results and try to improve. If you like competition, you can also play against others. It’s possible to integrate Peak with your Apple Watch if you have one.

Braingle is a free website with the largest collection of brain games anywhere on the internet. There are over 15,000 demos including trivia quizzes, puzzles, optical illusions, codes and passwords. Many of them are submitted and ranked by users of the website.

He has daily exercises and tips to improve memory, vocabulary, stress management and creativity. There are brain stimulating games to help you strategize. You can play them online and compare your score with others in the community. A public forum has an active message board with hundreds of topics you can join.

If you need a break from the screens, chess is one of the greatest brain power games. It requires logical reasoning and a lot of strategy. It challenges your memory, visual-spatial skills and critical thinking abilities. The Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit has allowed a whole new audience to get a behind-the-scenes view of what goes into competitive chess.
Skilled chess players must learn how to predict someone else’s moves. Expert chess players need to memorize many combinations of moves and their possible outcomes. Careful contemplation and planning are other cognitive health benefits of playing chess.

HAPPY neuron
The HAPPYneuron online program is designed to stimulate the five main cognitive functions of the brain (language, memory, attention, visual and special recognition and executive functions). What is unique about it is the personalized approach. You have guidance to determine which brain-boosting games best fit your cognitive profile.
A coach helps you tailor the program to meet your needs and tracks your performance to help you set goals. You receive comments and recommendations based on your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The program will challenge your logic, stimulate your concentration and train your memory, so you will have more confidence in your mental abilities.

Researchers are still learning how brain training games can affect cognition. Findings are mixed in determining whether they can help conditions like Alzheimer’s. But what is known is that brain stimulating games train the brain in new ways. Keeping your mind active, sharp, alert and challenged on a daily basis is important for a healthy brain. Playing games to improve your memory power can also be a lot of fun and quite a lot of fun.

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