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Elder Scrolls Online allows players around the world to explore the different lands of Tamriel and level up their character while completing various quests.

For experienced players looking for ways to earn gold and new items, there are daily and weekly quests that provide gold and a unique currency called Seals of Endeavour. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

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Daily efforts

Daily Endeavors in The Elder Scrolls Online refreshes every day at 07:00 BST with five quests that offer a small reward of Seals of Endeavor and sometimes some gold. Three of the five tasks are completed daily. Below are five daily attempts for Thursday, July 21, 2022

  • Kill 2 Public Prison Wardens in Eastmarch (10 Quest Seals)
  • Loot 15 containers (10 Quest Seals)
  • Place 7 pieces of furniture (10 effort stamps)
  • Refine raw materials 8 times (10 effort seals)
  • Repair 10000 damage to structures in Cyrodiil (10 Seals of Endeavor)

Weekly efforts

Elder Scrolls Online’s weekly version of Endeavor’s Quests is updated every Monday at 07:00 BST with three more challenging quests, each of which usually adds a large reward of Seals of Endeavor and sometimes gold. Only one of these three tasks can be completed. Below are three weekly attempts for the week of 29, 2022.

  • Complete 7 dungeon community events (215 effort stamps)
  • Excavate 15 Ancient Artifacts (215 Quest Seals)
  • Kill 75 dangerous enemies (215 quest seals)

What is a stamp of intent used for?

A unique currency for daily and weekly quests, stamps are used to purchase items from the “Stamp Stamp” section of the Crown Store that are otherwise only available through crown crates, allowing players to skip opening crates to find what that they want to take.

The items available will change as the items in the crates change, meaning players will need to focus on completing these quests to get the items they want. Purchasing items with Seals of Endeavor works the same as any other part of the Crown Shop, and items purchased this way cannot be converted into Crown Gems.

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