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It’s time for a new battle pass in DOTA 2.

We’re getting closer and closer to DOTA 2 International 11, and there’s plenty of excitement to go around.

After a busy week with the release of Patch 7.32b and the upcoming start of Regional Qualifiers, we’re also back with a new Battle Pass!

With that, here’s everything we know so far about the DOTA 2 International 11 Battle Pass.

DOTA 2 International Battle Pass 11 Release Date and Time

A few hours ago, Valve released a teaser on Twitter to let us know that there’s only one more day left, and fans are well aware that this means it’s almost time for this year’s Season Pass.

DOTA 2 International Battle Pass 11 is released September 1, 2022. Based on previous releases, we can expect the Battle Pass to be activated around this time 20-22 EST.


In Dota 2 switch for war available to players on the DOTA 2 home screen and the Steam Store. Players must top up their Steam Wallet to purchase the Pass.

When purchasing a Game Pass, players are usually given 3 options, which usually cost:

  • The basic level 1 Battle Pass is $9.99
  • The Level 50 Battle Pass is $29.99
  • The Level 100 Battle Pass is $44.99

Additionally, Valve is releasing Battle Level Packs for around $29.99. Players will increase the grind by about 120 levels and receive at least 10 immortal treasures (skins), but is limited to two purchases.


According to Valve, the Pass will be the longest this year, even months after the conclusion of the DOTA 2 International in Singapore.

Regarding the Arcanas, recent leaks have reported that one of the Arcanas is going for the hero Faceless, the skin demanded by society.

Dragon's Blood DOTA

Click to enlarge

Credit: The DOTA-based animated series Dragon Blood premiered its third and final season last month.

Players can also expect new content based on the Netflix Animated Series Dragon Blood. Possibly new identities for Lina or Invoker.

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