Decks, courts, shops and places to access

There’s a lot going on as we head into the September release, but today, details on the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat have been revealed.

We take a look at the places you can visit. This includes Decks, different shops, where to complete the Jordan Challenge, and more.

Let’s conquer the land in NBA 2K23 GOAT.

NBA 2K23 GOAT GOAT Trailer

Before we start breaking down the different locations available, we’ll take a look at the trailer for NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat.

The exclusive current-gen platform has received a massive upgrade. That’s one thing you can clearly see when you watch the trailer below:

There are a few changes to the current gen offering, but one thing we’re really happy about is that compatibility has been improved.

Now that you’ve seen an overview of the game, let’s use the NBA 2K23 Courtside report to dive deeper into the game mode.

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NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat Decks

Where most players of the current generation spend their time is in the various decks offered in GOAT NBA 2K23.

There are three common decks, each with different courts and scores that you can access. When the game comes out, be sure to check out all the levels.

Three-deck layout: Be sure to discover NBA 2K23’s GOAT ship at launch

The three decks are called Platinum Deck, Silver Deck and Gold Deck. This should make navigating the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat a little easier.

Let’s break down what’s in each Deck:

Platinum Deck: Journeys

  • Six courts 3v3
  • Four elevators
  • Two “showers” (server updates)
  • Gatorade Training Institute

Platinum deck: Deuces

  • Six courts 2v2
  • Three elevators
  • Two showers

Platinum Wall: MOAT

  • Two 5v5 courts (one more than last year)
  • Two elevators
  • Two showers
  • Entrance to excursions

Silver Deck: Walkthrough

  • Jordan Challenge
  • REC Lounge
  • Cages
  • The NBA Store, SWAG’s, Rowe’s Sporting Goods, Wheels, Doc’s, The Paint Tattoo, Affiliate Stores
  • MyTEAM
  • Galleon 1v1
  • Pool 3v3
  • Daily Pick’Em
  • Daily reward
  • Two elevators

Golden deck

It looks like most of the stores will be located on the Silver Deck, and the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat Jordan Challenge is also located there.

First look at the GOAT boat courts

The thing that everyone was excited about when they visited the NBA 2K23 GOAT boat courts was The Galleon, a 1v1 court.

Its pirate theme and solid hemispherical tree are an instant draw for players looking to solve grievances or test their builds.

GALLEON: Win friends and rivals in this intimate arena

Bridge (3v3) places you right inside the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat control room. We don’t know how interactive the courts are, but it sure is a fun aesthetic.

MONEY: Control the NBA 2K23 Goat Boat in these arenas

With several different game locations, including Boat Cages GOAT NBA 2K23, players do not need to work around when playing the game.

To check the boat’s court report, head here.

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