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The P2E game is built on the Harmony Blockchain, Kingdoms of DeFi has recently partnered with a Crypto payments platform, Ramp. The aim of this partnership is to provide a fast and secure payment system for all DeFi Kingdoms players to purchase in-game items, buy and sell JEWEL, the in-game token.

Players can trade their tokens on the Harmony ONE platform using the UniswapV2 Protocol.

“Combining NFTs with creating a virtual world for players is very exciting. DeFi Kingdoms does this beautifully. However, the barriers to popular adoption of gaming remain high when the user experience is slow and complex. Players want to be instantly inside wallets or dApps and that’s exactly what the Ramp facility does,” said Jack Kitz, Ramp’s Chief Meta Officer.

Apart from DeFi Kingdoms, Ramp has also partnered with Axie Infinity and Sorare, one of the most popular gamification games, especially in the NFT community. Ramp has succeeded in improving the user experience, reducing loading times by around 90%. Axie Infinity. And buy cards Sora faster and safer.

The president of DeFi Kingdoms, Dreamer stated: “DeFi Kingdoms is all about the experience. As part of that, we wanted a hassle-free journey for new users and a reliable payment solution for existing players. We researched ramps and Ramp with interest customers, ease of implementation, global reach and track record of compliance.

Visit DeFi Kingdoms Official website if you are interested in more details.

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