Esports – A Hobby or Career Path?

The popularity of e-sports tournaments is growing rapidly around the world. According to agencies and Newzoo, the number of viewers of such competitions already exceeds 450 million people, the market is estimated at billion dollars, an increase of about 15% per year.

With the growth of the gaming industry, the shortage of personnel in this area is also increasing. Parallel to this, programs are being created to educate school-age children and students on cyber sports. You can earn money not only by participating, but also by making successful bets in various tournaments, with a detailed program.


Is it comparable to other sports in terms of psychology?
There is a heated debate in the scientific community on this issue. Computer sports have the official features of a sport: there are tournaments, referees, scorecards, fans, fans. But the event takes place in a virtual environment, with the player controlling the objects on the screen while maintaining a comfortable sitting position. Of course, this does not mean that esports is an intellectual sport like chess. It has a physical component: the player interacts with input devices (keyboard, mouse, controller) with his hands, from it fast and accurate movements, high reaction speed, hand-eye coordination are required. For this reason, eSports is sometimes compared to a shooting sport. But the physical load is still very small.

For this reason, some theorists see esports as an example of sporting; this means incorporating sports elements into an activity that is not sporting in nature for the sake of making money. An example of sporting is Eurovision. But other scientists, including myself, see esports as a full-fledged sport. Because eSports places very high demands on a person’s mental abilities, skills and personality. It reveals the highest abilities, shows the limits of human abilities. And most importantly, both amateur and professional eSports contribute to health, but provided that the player pays attention to the hygiene of the game. Just like in football, a person can become stronger and healthier, but at the same time get injured if they train incorrectly.

Should parents be worried if computer games have become a serious hobby of the child?
Adults often condemn playing, but at the same time they have no idea what play is, what their children do in general. But video games today are highly social, require skill, tell interesting stories, allow you to travel to different historical periods and try different professions. It is important for a parent to ask questions about their child, especially during childhood and early adolescence. Why does he play so much? Is it because in the games the child has many friends from all over the world? Is it because he participates in tournaments and has responsibilities to the team? Because he runs the guild? Because video games excite his imagination?

Even better – at least occasionally parents and children play together. Studies show that close people who play together have a particularly good relationship. But the main thing is that with your positive attention, the child will not lie and turn off, and you will be able to see if the hobby has become painful. If a child plays a lot or gets angry when you take away their favorite hobby, it doesn’t mean they have a problem. According to modern estimates, less than 1% of people are addicted to games. Even if your child’s behavior is starting to worry you, try to ask about school and friends first. Problematic play is often the result of difficulties in learning and communicating with peers.

In addition, you need to instill healthy gaming habits from early childhood: teach your child to sit upright at the computer, set the monitor to the right distance, and warm up their wrists before playing. The later you do this, the more the child will resist. And finally, if you find that your daughter or son really likes to play games, immediately try to understand that creating video games can be a vocation. The gaming industry is prestigious, promising and highly paid. You can be a programmer, game designer, artist, animator, composer, game community manager, playwright. And of course, you can enter the eSports industry.

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