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Jungle fans will be rejoicing as the re-release of Udyr approaches.

After years of fans waiting, the date for the reboot of Udir League of Legends is finally approaching. The announcement came out again Road map for April by Riot Games.

Players have been asking for this update for almost a year now, and it looks like the development team is finally finding a place where they are happy to release it.

It’s not just his abilities that work, but the iconic jungler also brings him some graphical updates. As one of the oldest characters in League of Legends, it makes sense that he gets some TLC.

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What changes will happen with Udir?

Riot Games decided to rework Udir’s abilities and visuals. However, since Udir has a very specific style, Riot must be careful not to lose the character’s essence.

Riot knows very well how to keep their design similar. Luis “Riot Blois” Aguasvisual effects artist at Udir’s development said…

“The goal was to give him a cleaner style, almost like a fighting game character to show off his fighting abilities.”

A key focus of his work is to make his positions very different from each other. This helps enemies know what to expect when Udir rushes towards them. All of his skins are also being reworked to make him current.

Full processing details can be found here here’s an interview with the dev team for League of Legends.

When will the resume be published?

There is no official word yet on his comeback date. Roadmap explained that he will get his job back after Nila is released.

As Riot developers are currently working out any processing bugs, we can expect to see Udir around August or September 2022. However, that’s not what Udir’s die-hard fans are waiting for.

Fans also voted for a Skarner VGU to be released shortly after Udir.

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