How Inclusion of Titan Gear Makes Age of Origins Better


Age of Origins was already one of our favorite mobile games before the Titan Equipment update arrived. Now, a contender for the throne.

Before we dive into what exactly Titan Equipment is, how it affects gameplay, and how you get it, let’s get up to speed on Camel Games’ survival strategy title.

Age of Origins is a zombie game. This means it’s also a post-apocalyptic game, because zombies have the uncanny ability to end civilization.

It’s your job to bring humanity back to its rightful place at the top of the food chain. You do this by building an army, researching new technologies, developing equipment, and recruiting troops of humans, machines, and technology to fight for your cause.

You will use these military resources to destroy the mindless waves of zombies. But Age of Origins also lets you join alliances and fight alongside other commanders around the world.

Age of Origins has a plot that you will want to draw your attention to. You’ll get a host of colorful characters, including an international spy and a mad scientist.


And you’ll encounter an intriguing array of enemies like the Bladed Behemoth, the Mother of Doom and of course the timeless Mutant Zombies.

All of this takes place on a large map with distinctive topography, full of lakes and mountains. The lie of the terrain determines who has the advantage in battle, so you need to use the terrain to good effect.

Now let’s turn our attention to the shiny new Titan Equipment system.


Titan equipment gives you powerful stat bonuses and unlocks rare ability stats. Also, every piece of Titan equipment comes with its own Awakening Skills and its own unique design.

There are two types of Titan Gear. Source Spirit equipment includes Weapon, Pauldrons, and Core, while Empress equipment includes Crown, Greaves, and Tail. Each item can provide tons of different power-ups and power-ups to Titans, Biomechanical Zombies, and Troops.


To unlock new Titan Gear you need to upgrade your Titans to certain levels and use Titan Gear Chips and Titan Gear Alloy. Each piece of equipment you unlock contains four Components and an Awakening Skill.

When your four components reach a certain level, the Awakening Skill of that Equipment will be unlocked.

Enthusiastic Age of Origins viewers will know that the game always includes three types of Officers: Director type, Strategy type, and Battle type.

A new Drillmaster has joined the ranks during the game’s final third anniversary celebrations.

Simon Says

Cattie and Jimmy are the two Drillmasters we know, and their latest co-worker, Simon, a former Commander whose career was cut short when he was seriously injured during the zombie epidemic.

Simon’s primary ability is Open Fire, which increases the firepower of your entire squad for the first 20 seconds of battle.

At two stars, Simon’s Intensive Medical Training skill activates, increasing the Bonus Limit of injured units. Mid-Range Debuff that attacks mid-range enemies at three stars.


Finally, Simon’s Breakthrough Ability is Tactical Block that can potentially make Troops immune to 50% of the damage they take, giving them a huge advantage in battle and greatly increasing their chances of success.

Alongside all these new additions, Camel Games has added a number of new island decorations, including a movie theater, water park, and food cart.

These features are not just cosmetic – you can increase your attack or defense power and get them by participating in various events.

It all happens in the post-apocalyptic ruins of civilization. Download Age of Origins now for free from the Google Play Store or App Store to join the fun – just Click here.

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