How to compete in a Clash event

Although week one of the event has come and gone, week two is just around the corner.

League of Legends Clash events are one Riot Games amateur competition. Challengers can compete against a group of friends or randoms to win this prestigious Shadow Islands trophy.

League of Legends Clash events are awesome amateur events that happen regularly in League of Legends. Every two weeks a different region of Runeterra will allow champions to battle for their trophy. At the same time, Shadow Isles is giving those players a chance to test.

However, the Shadow Isles Cup event can be a little complicated to set up. So here’s a guide to showing up and winning that title!

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What are Clash League of Legends events?

Clash events are an official Riot Games tournament held every two weeks in League of Legends. The event takes place over two days and consists of two races held over two weekends.

The bracket consists of eight teams competing against each other for the prize. Rewards for this event are given to each team, but the higher you rank, the better the rewards will be for League of Legends.

Shadow Isles Clash Cup in League of Legends

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Rewards can be League of Legends emotes, skin shards, blue essence, or even another crash ticket. The Clash trophy will also be displayed on your Rift if you win a clash event. This corresponds to the Runeterra region.

How to create a Clash team

Putting together a League of Legends team for this event is probably the hardest part of starting a Clash event. The general practice is simple and can be easily implemented by the party leader.

However, every Clash teammate who wants to play must meet all the requirements to compete in the event. Colleagues should…

  • Reached level 30
  • Placements have been completed in at least one Summoner’s Rift ranked turn
  • Confirmed your League account via SMS (this is a new exclusive feature of Clash)

Once all these requirements are met, it is easy to form a group. How to do this.

  1. Go to the Clash tab in your League of Legends client.
  2. If you already have a team, then select Create a team, if you want to join someone else, then join a team.
  3. Enter your team name, tag and icon.
  4. Invite people to your team after the Clash table. You can invite invitees to the team before the event starts.
  5. Ask each player to block their role with their collision ticket.
  6. Get ready to dominate the Rift.

More information can be found at Official Riot Games Clash FAQ site.

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