How to get legendary Kkachi Echo skin in Overwatch 2

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Blizzard Entertainment has given Overwatch 2 players another event that offers a lot of new content for fans. This, of course, means tons of new in-game gifts and cosmetic items like skins. One of them is the legendary Kkachi Echo skin.

Making its return to Overwatch 2’s Lunar New Year event is the legendary Kkachi Echo skin. This skin, along with many others such as Moira’s Masked Dancer skin and others such as Moira’s Lion Head Victory pose are now available for players to claim.

Moira’s cosmetic gifts have done this through Twitch Drops, but Echo’s Kkachi skin is a little different. Here’s how to get the legendary Kkachi Echo skin in Overwatch 2.

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How to get legendary Kkachi Echo skin in Overwatch 2

To get the legendary Kkachi Echo skin in Overwatch 2, players must complete the Lunar New Year LTM challenge, Lunar Brawls.

There are seven challenges in total, all of which differ in terms of the tasks that players have to complete. Below is a list of what the challenges are and what they ask of players.

  • Lucky bag – Complete two challenges in Lunar New Year (Lucky Pouch Weapon Challenge)
  • Good luck Kkachi – Complete four challenges in Lunar New Year (Kkachi Legendary Echo skin)
  • Rabbit mark – Win ten games in Bounty Hunter (year of the rabbit spray and 1,000 battle tickets XP)
  • Sixth time is the charm – Defeat the bounty target six times in Bounty Hunter (1,000 Battle Pass XP)
  • Lucky rabbit – Win six games in Capture the Flag or Competitive Flag (Year of the Rabbit name card and 1000 battle ticket XP)
  • Happy victories – Win eight games in CTF Blitz (Hongbao gift and 1000 Battle Ticket XP)
  • Catch the rabbit – Capture the flag in Capture the Flag or CTF Blitz (1,000 battle pass XP)

Players can earn the Kkachi Echo skin by completing the Good Fortune Kkachi challenge, where players complete four of the six challenges, including, of course, the Good Fortune Kkachi challenge.

When completing the challenge, Overwatch players can first look at completing the “Catch the Rabbit” challenge, and from there they can move on to the “Sixth Timne Amulet”. After completing these two, the Lucky Bag summon will be completed automatically. All that needs to be done is to complete one last challenge, we recommend the Lucky Rabbit challenge as it will be the easiest of the two remaining.

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