How to keep bees alive in Minecraft? Lockiteheimer

To keep your bees alive, make sure to avoid these mentioned mistakes that most new Minecraft players keep making.

Stop the bees from killing themselves

The first fall is very important depending on the type of environment and the space where you place your bees. Avoid placing the campfire under the beehive without putting some kind of protection in place. Placing a rug over the fire will protect the bees from burning themselves in the fire and causing them to die.

Maybe you’re on this page looking for the cause of your bee’s death, or maybe you’re a new player training yourself with bees in Minecraft on things to do and favors.

Move the beehives to safe places-You left the beehives unprotected during the night to harm people, which led to the death of the bees.


Do not provoke them– Getting stung by angry bees is another way to ensure their death. If you deliberately attack bees or bee hives, make sure to run because they will now come to sting you and you will die within a minute of losing their sting.

You will now lose some health points due to the poison. It heals the damage by drinking a glass of honey after the sting. If you provoke them, run and try to avoid their sting for 25 seconds before they cool down and go back to their normal activities.

The same mechanism also causes them to die when they try to protect the bees from zombies at night.

Another thing that will annoy the bees is if you try to get the honey and put your fire under the beehive at the wrong time, which is when the bees are still there. Therefore, try to place the bonfire while they are in the beehives before harvesting, this time you can get that honey easily and not make them angry.

If you plan to keep most of your beehives in a forest or open field, don’t forget to build some kind of perimeter around it to protect it from zombies, and make sure to light the area properly to avoid Don’t let the zombies get away.

I recommend that you consider the following additional facts to ensure proper bee management:

  • Did I keep the bees safe from zombies?
  • Update Minecraft to version 1.18 (if you’re playing on an older version) to avoid the “Disappearing Bees” error
  • Placing bees solely for decoration or large-scale honey production
  • Place a rug over the fire to protect the bees from getting burned.

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