Is copper useless in minecraft?

Copper doesn’t have many uses in Minecraft other than using copper blocks for construction and making lightning rods to absorb lightning strikes. Personally, I don’t find them very interesting unless I want the build [structures] to look a certain way.

It is too early to draw conclusions about copper. And I think they will add more to it in the future since it’s only been a year since the 1.17 update.

Copper in Minecraft can be used for constructions, if used correctly, for example, if you plan to build some ancient structures such as statues, ancient cities and temples, shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea. The disadvantage of these structures is that the copper blocks turn green due to long-term oxidation. Changes in color shades during overtime

Minecraft: The statue is made of copper blocks

If used wisely and the purpose and theme of the building is clear to you, then copper blocks can be great for creative building. You can get rid of the blue green spot by using the ax on the copper block twice. Adding honey with a block of copper makes it waxy, as this waxy coating prevents it from oxidizing.

Despite losing out to Glare in the Mob vote, the copper golem has been an amazing addition to Minecraft. Although it has been pushed to the library of ideas, the return of the copper golem is unlikely. Phantom and Glowsquid were among the mobs added after winning the Mob vote.

It would be interesting to see if Minecraft adds some mobs or items that use copper. Losing the copper golem in the Mob vote disappointed many players.

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