Kid’s Room Escape – Boy’s Bedroom Edition

kids5.pngThe large and airy men’s room doesn’t seem to hide much, but it’s just the impression. The biggest surprise you’ve had at the end of the game (if you go for the second ending) but now you’re just at the beginning. Explore the room properly and don’t forget to take a close look at the items in your inventory, there might be something important about them. There are many puzzles to solve!

We have a good escape here. The puzzles are well-balanced, and if you get stuck, it’s probably because you overlooked or over-thought a clue. Escape has two endings, so don’t forget to save your progress before using the blue button. The second ending is worth a try – it adds a lot to the game’s content and brings out some really interesting features of the room.


Google PlayEscape game: Kids Room – Boys Room Edition (Android, Android Tablet)

Play Kids Room Escape

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