Living in a Rocking Chair

chair1.pngYou find yourself locked in an apartment and your first goal is to explore the room. Explore it properly, because this is one of those slow starters – you may have to go around the room more than once to get a clue or an item before you can solve the first puzzle. Then the escape continues smoothly, and clues, items, and solutions come one after another until you finally get stuck. Or not… it depends on your observation and patience.

There is more to it than the living room where you started, and the first door you open leads to another room of the apartment where you can happily continue your escape. The game is automatically saved and has a well-made hint system.

Ichima Coffee‘s escape is generally very pleasant and its only flaw is that the end comes too soon. The graphics look good, the puzzles have well-balanced difficulty, and the original and relaxing music adds to the gameplay experience. A pure pleasure to play!

Google PlayEscape Game Rocking Chair (Android, Android Tablet)

Play Living With a Rocking Chair

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