Maison de BlueLake – Progress, Tips, Review

blue7.pngThe fairy tells you that she has lost something, but she does not explain what happened, and you try to find out how to get to the hotel and if there is anything unusual there. When you finally open the door of the hotel, you find out that it is indeed very small – only four apartments – and the receptionist is in a deep sleep and is not helpful at all. Since no one is stopping you, you can go whenever you want and explore the hotel and all its beautiful apartments (after finding the keys, of course) from start to finish. Every room is different and you’ll find several puzzles in each – lots of things to do before you go!

like all rinnogogoEscapes, this one has beautiful art and music. If you get stuck, the game has a good hint system, but look around carefully before using it… A few hints are well hidden at the edges of the game screen or are only visible after clicking on an inconspicuous area.

Google PlayMaison de BlueLake (Android, Android Tablet)

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