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Welcome Mobile Monday!

funkyland (Gakutetsu Takemura) is back with a very cool game full of dancing pandas – if you get to the second perfect ending they will put on a dance show for you. Then we have two good games Shigeyuki Kawamura and the last one is the strict standard escape always GAME (Shio Tanaka).

All games are free and available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

All games are medium sized.

Beware, Mobile Monday is not released regularly due to the low availability of good free games.

After a long time we have a new game funkyland (Gakutetsu Takemura) and really good! You find yourself in the donut shop, of course it is locked and you have to catch five pandas to get the key – balancing panda, spinning panda etc. You can see their silhouettes at the top of the screen. The game has clean and bright graphics, beautiful puzzles and funny pandas!
No language barrier. Walkthrough cca 7 min. Two ends.

Google PlayEscape from Panda Donuts (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from AppstoreEscape from the Panda Cafe Series (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

latest game by Shigeyuki Kawamura quite atmospheric as all its games and puzzles are really good. You are wandering around a small train station and apart from looking for clues and trying to open all the crates and boxes around, you have to catch and cook a fish, catch a dragonfly and find and coach an insect hunter! The graphics are magnificent.
The game is in both English and Japanese. No language barrier. The route to be followed is cca 20 min.

Google PlayEscape Room Summer Time (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from AppstoreEscape Room Summer Time (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

This Shigeyuki Kawamura‘s game was released two months ago but later disappeared from Google Play and only now is back. Good. Beautiful puzzles, beautiful visuals, relaxing music and yet another atmospheric escape with a touch.
No language barrier. The route to be followed is cca 10 min.

Google PlayEscape Room Rainy Season Day (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from AppstoreEscape Room Rainy Season Day (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

From always GAME (Shio Tanaka) We have a standard escape, not too long, not too short, not too hard and not too easy. You have to explore the whole apartment where you find yourself locked and enter all the rooms and then find the key from the exit door. The puzzles are nice but there is a sliding puzzle and also a minigame that can be skipped if you watch an addon.
The game is in English but the instructions are in Japanese. You can easily pass without understanding. The route to be followed is cca 9 min.

Google PlayEscape From King Ex (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from AppstoreEscape From King Ex (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

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