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Welcome Mobile Monday!

We’ll start with the traditional New Year’s Eve game. room room (daichi face). Then we have another color game. Tasuku Yahirothis time white and then a cute game STUDIO MILLA (İkumi Konya). Finally we have a retro game. neonate (SKAT COMPANY INC.) – one of the best escape games ever.

All games are free and available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Note that Mobile Monday is not released regularly due to the low availability of good free games.

room room‘s (daichi face) is as reliable as any writer. Its games are neither too short nor too long, and you can be sure the puzzles are neither too hard nor too silly – even if you run into a language barrier, you only need a visual memory. And the places you’re trying to escape are always a little bit magical and that’s always a big plus.
The game contains a small language barrier, but only visual memory is required to solve the puzzle. approx. 9 min.

Google PlayKingasinnen2023 (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from AppstoreKingasinnen2023 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

We said goodbye half a year ago Tasuku Yahirocolor rooms (Brown Room) because we’re out of color. But not quite, there’s still some left – we have a beautiful polished white room where you can spend more time than you might expect – some puzzles take a while.
No language barrier. approx. 13 min.

Google Playwhite room (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from Appstorewhite room (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

incoming games STUDIO MILLA (İkumi Konya) is cute and sweet, but puzzles are not. They are not very difficult but you have to think about them (some of them) and they are fun.
No language barrier. approx. 11 min.

Google PlayEscape Room Milla’s Room 2 (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from AppstoreEscape Room Milla’s Room 2 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

from this game neonate (SKAT COMPANY INC.) was made as a browser game nine years ago, but sadly it is no longer available. But it is one of the best escape games and so for those who want to remember it and those who haven’t played it yet, its mobile version is here.
No language barrier. approx. 8 min.

Google PlayLocked Room 2 (Android, Android Tablet)

Download from AppstoreLocked Room 2 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

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