Monkey Happy Roundup 53 – Retro

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No good new games came out this week, and there aren’t enough new episodes in the Monkey Go Happy series for a spin-off. I decided to fill the gap. Last Week 22 (released November 11, 2017) and Last Week 23 (Feb 13, 2021) and stream old episodes of Monkey Go Happy. I’ve thought about this before and got some help from the comments under a recent WE (thanks!).

Roundup 53 – Welcome to the four-game Retro! After catching ten monkeys in the section, look at the inventory. You’ll find a code there and take note – there’s a bonus after four chapters you need all four codes. To access the bonus, click the “next stage” arrow after completing Stage 216.

Note: If the games don’t load in your browser, try Chrome.

213.pngMonkey girl is locked in a spaceship or a factory with a malfunctioning robot. The robot is not broken, it needs twenty nuts to function properly. There are a lot of nuts around but you have to open all the lockers to collect twenty of them.

Play Stage 2

214.pngIn order for the monkey boy to reach the strange house he is standing in front of, he must open the door and enter the correct access code. This is not the only code in the chapter, there are several closed compartments inside the house and the ultimate goal is to collect twenty flowers and decorate a hat with them.

Play Stage 214

215.pngThis stage is industrial again – it takes place on a spaceship or in a factory – and the monkey granny is locked in there with a robot that needs twenty screws. Can you find them?

Play Stage 215

216.pngNow our monkey is in a fairy tale stage with a hungry raven and medieval castle on the horizon. When you feed the raven seed it helps you get inside the castle – and a knight who needs something is waiting for you. It’s not final yet. Your main goal is to activate the huge stone idol.

Play Stage 216

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