Monkey Happy Roundup 54 – Retro

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Welcome to Roundup 54 – Retro with four games! After catching ten monkeys in the section, look at the inventory. You’ll find a code there and take note – there’s a bonus after four chapters you need all four codes. To access the bonus, click the “next stage” arrow after completing the last stage in Roundup.

Note: If the games don’t load in your browser, try Chrome.

217.pngThis goat looks hungry but don’t be fooled – it just wants a leash! A very beautiful goat. Unfortunately the collar is very well hidden and on top of that it consists of two parts hidden in different places. can you get it?

Play Stage 217

218.pngRobin Vencel has an incredible talent for capturing the atmosphere of medieval Europe, which is still preserved in many places today. This and the next phases are a good example – although they are primarily simple games for kids, there is atmosphere. At this stage you need to find a treasure buried in the labyrinth of the monastery corridors.

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219.pngThe statue standing in the middle of the small town square looks strange – it’s definitely worth a closer look! And in the underground area next door you will also find many interesting things and an unhappy little dwarf living there – can you help him?

Play Stage 219

220.pngAt this stage you find your monkey in a candy land – everything is pastel colors and the candies seem to grow on their own. That’s good as you need many of them to solve the final puzzle!

Play Stage 220

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