Mythic+ Season 4 Tier List and Dungeon Difficulty Ranking

What’s New in the Dungeon Department?
Season 4 brought back some of the game’s most iconic dungeons. The new, expanded pool includes Shadowlands’ Tazavesh, BfA’s Operation Mechagon, Legion’s Return to Karazhan, and two dungeons, the Grimrail Depot and Iron Docks from the Warlords of Draenor expac.

The new addition introduced in Season 4 is Shrouded. you a dungeon add quest to kill dreadlords in disguise and reward you with a stack of buffs of your own choosing before you start your run. Dreadlords are similar to regular mobs but are easier to kill because they have less HP. Every now and then, a Zul’gamux miniboss will spawn. It’s a bit more cumbersome, featuring a host of new dangerous abilities, but defeating it triples the rewards you normally get for killing a dreadlord, making it the kind of fight you’ll definitely want to get away from.
Speaking of bounties, there’s a nice ilvl boost on M+ gear, including the Great Vault. Moreover, the valor is now unlimited, so you can get your Mythic+ pieces to the highest ilvl much faster.

Season 4 Week 3 Mythic+ Additions and Difficulty Rankings
As it turns out, the add-on rotation doesn’t look any different from what we did in the previous season. Season 4 started with Tyrannical week, followed by Fortified and now it’s time for Tyrannical Week 3 with Bolstering, Explosive and Shrouded as M+ adds this week.
Tyrannical applies a boss health buff where bosses and minions deal more damage than normal.
The supporting supplement is a bad supplement that needs to be kept in check. It’s not a big deal on its own: when a non-boss enemy is defeated, it grants HP and damage boosts to other nearby enemies. However, these buffs do stack, so if you don’t clear the buffed mobs in time, you may find yourself facing a very formidable enemy.
Explosive, as the name suggests, allows enemies to generate special Orbs that will explode if you don’t get rid of them in time. Try to avoid situations where there are too many Orbs and enemies around because you won’t have enough time to deal with both, which can cause you to take tons of damage.
This supplement combination has always been one of the toughest in M+. The main thing you need to pay attention to in this special dungeon pool is the draw. Boosting will limit your draws a lot and create dangerous situations, especially if you decide to shoot multiple trash packages in dungeons like the Grimrail Depot. But the strategy in Mechagon: Workshop is the opposite: due to minor changes in Shrouded WoW addon this weekThe number of Dreadlords has been reduced enough, so you can shoot basically anything but the last trash pack. In Upper Karazhan, Explosive attachments will most likely be an issue during your Curator and Medivh’s fights.
when it comes Legendary attachments next weekWe’re having another Empowered rollout, but this time Blast and Storm are coming on top of the seasonal Veiled.

Difficulty Ranking
Rankings haven’t changed much since Week 1 Junkyard and Tazavesh are still the easiest dungeons to beat; The Grimrail Storage and Iron Docks are placed somewhere in the middle and Karazhan is still giving you the hardest time of them all. As for the dungeon boss tier list, the palms rightfully go to the Upper and Lower Karazhan bosses, as they will definitely test your PvE skills at the highest level, especially with these additions on the already complex mechanics.

Legendary+ Tier List
As with all high-level events, updates to the game can drastically change the landscape of Mythic+ and the ideal composition for parties aiming to beat higher. Legendary key difficulty. But the season is just getting started and we expect more meta shifts, but even now it’s pretty clear which features are shining and which are lagging behind.

Here’s what you need to know about class performance before you prepare for your Season 4 Mythic+ runs.

DPS is a large and diverse field filled with competitive classes. Highlights here are WW Monk, Survival Hunter, and Outlaw Rogue, all three of which are absolutely fantastic in Mythic+ on both low and high keys. WW Monk provides excellent AoE at melee range and is one of the only AoE stuns with Leg Sweep. The Survival Hunter is a true tradesman who excels at damage, group utility, mobility and self-sustaining. Outlaw Rogue is still one of the most reliable melee damage dealers for many guilds. As a crowd control champion, Outlaw has a lot of useful options and will handle DPS as well as any other S-tier trait if you put some work into your stats.
Demo and Destro Warlocks, Fire Mage, Subtlety Rogue, Fury Warrior, MM Hunter and Enhancement Shaman are among the second best options in this field. WoW Legendary dungeons. All these features show great damage figures and can easily fill the DPS niche in any group or composition. Of course, they each have their little weak points, but these can be mitigated with well-coordinated teamwork, so the main deciding factor here is whether you want to play a particular feature or not.

At the bottom of the list is the Unholy DK, which underperformed by a ton with its low damage numbers, poor mobility, and heavy dependence on cooldowns. Other features this season are currently Affliction Warlock, Arms Warrior, as well as Feral and Balance Druids.

The best advice you can get about optimal healer play this season is “play what you want to play”. Resto Shaman, Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, and even Mistweaver Monk can find some space in the dungeons and greatly benefit the party.

There are absolutely no weak features here: even those that are not really seen all over the world. Legendary ranking The leaderboards are actually very good in terms of M+ performance. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that appeals to you and learn to understand what makes your class special.
That said, there are some high-end guns that perform slightly better than all the other specs. Holy Priest is definitely god-level this season and deals tons of damage with powerful healing abilities. Resto Shaman gets an in-combat resurrection which is always useful in dungeons, especially at higher levels Legendary keystone difficulty. Resto Druid keeps all factions stable with powerful over-time healing abilities, and Holy Paladin includes a great toolset that brings a ton of benefits to the party, even with CD-dependent healing outputs.

The title of best Tank for M+ dungeons rightfully goes to Blood Death Knight, which remains an excellent tanking feature just like in Season 3. If you want to make a new tank, you really can’t go wrong with the DK. with solid damage output and outstanding defensive abilities. For not being totally and completely OP, the Blood Death Knight lacks mobility, but makes up for it with his awesome single-target and rooftop self-sustaining ability. This is definitely the trait you want to bring to battle as a tank, no doubt.

Brewmaster Monk is only slightly inferior to Blood DK. WoW Legendary dungeon yield. She is vulnerable to magic damage, but still incredibly good at throwing Physical punches. Also putting on good offensive numbers, BM Monks boast mobility and a variety of useful abilities to strengthen allies and weaken enemies.
There used to be a time when tank meta was run by none other than Demon Hunter. Well, those times are long gone and now Vengeance Demon Hunter has been downgraded to B-tier. It does, however, top it off there with the potential to return to the A-list any time soon. And why not? The specification has the perfect balance between damage resistance and output; It’s versatile and mobile, ready to fit into any computer. Who knows, maybe it will even take it to the next level by the end of the season?
The Protection Warrior, which was greatly strengthened in the last patch, is now in a much better spot than before. However, Proto Warriors still struggle with magic damage as they focus more on Physical mitigation, albeit much stronger overall. Also, their self-sustaining isn’t very good, but it’s compensated by high mobility and survivability, making this a good middle-of-the-pack choice.
At the end of the tank list is the Guardian Druid. Not so bad overall, but having weak single-target and CD dependencies prevents them from moving up the rankings to see more representation in WoW Mythic+. That said, Guardian Druids still shine with their good health pools, self-healing, and versatility, so you shouldn’t be typing this feature so quickly, especially if you’re a newbie to M+.

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