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Berserk is a Special Manga

I finally started reading crazy Manga by Kentaro Miura (RIP). I’ve been consuming every article or video about Elden Ring since the game came out. crazy references and easter eggs. I knew it was finally time to check crazy.

Berserk Black Swordsman & Golden Age Manga Arc Analysis Video From First Time Reader

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me, I’ve never really been a fan of manga. I haven’t read any manga since the late 2000s. Bleach and naruto; I’m a slow reader so I prefer watching anime.

Black Swordsman Arc

Introducing a new reader crazy There is a lot to accept. From the opening panels of Berserk, we see Guts ossified with a demon (apostle) and become a true Edgelord. Courage is cooler, stronger, and he doesn’t care, and that’s not a great introduction to a character. I forced myself to read crazy first chapters; During the Golden Age Arc, I could see new readers quitting the manga before they really came to their senses.

There is a panel at the end of the Black Swordsman Arc that informs me that something might happen to Guts. crazy. Gut is in tears.

crazy courage crying sad black swordsman arc manga review analysis reaction
The gut is human.

There’s more to Guts, and it’s explained in one panel. I didn’t quite understand what Miura was going for until I returned to the Black Swordsman Arc after reading the Golden Age Arc. I believe Mirua still has figured out what her story will be during their Courage and the Black Swordsman Arc, but you can see the clues. Considering he went through hell and trauma during the eclipse, I believe Guts partially took on the “tough guy” role, but his reaction to the kids (crying, vomiting) is a clue that he’s not that jerk, Edgelord’s who didn’t care about anything or anyone.

Guts always fights demons. Demons and real demons of your past every night. He doesn’t want to get close to people because it would only subject them to pain, suffering, and death. Guts chooses to be a jerk to keep others away and safe. He seems to have a soft spot for children, and that makes sense because Guts had a lousy childhood.

Golden Age Arc

The Golden Age Arc is a long throwback to about 11 volumes. We show Guts’ origins as a child mercenary through his relationships with Griffith, Casca, and the Band of the Hawk. For many episodes, this is played out as a medieval political drama with elements of fantasy interspersed, unlike the first season. Game of Thrones.

The guts experience pain, friendship, love, heartbreak, and anger, especially during Eclipse events.

Lots to unlock during the Golden Age Arc: Gambino, Casca, Griffith, etc; I’m talking to some inside crazy video, but will revisit the Golden Age in greater depth in the future. For now, I want to emphasize that:

Anyone who has read the Berserk manga should re-read the Black Swordsman Arc after the Golden Age Arc.

Reading the Black Swordsman Arc, which follows the Golden Age Arc, it truly explains Guts’ emotions and actions. That’s when it really hit me that Guts put the front up. Guts had so much trouble finding a friend and purpose in the end that he only ripped it off during the events of the Eclipse.

I can’t believe I found threads about skipping Black Swordsman Arc or leaving Berserk after Golden Age Arc. I’ve never been so invested in a story and can’t wait to finish the manga. Once I’ve finished reading, I’ll dive into anime adaptations. I checked Berserk: Arc of the Golden Age The movie is a trilogy, and while it’s mostly good, I felt it left out most of the manga. I understand why everyone’s advice is:

Just Read Berserk Manga!

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