New fighters, release dates and more

Multiversus Season 1 is finally upon us and players are excited to get all the new fighters to increase the roster size.

Here are all the expected fighters in Multiversus season 1.

What fighters will be added in Multiversus Season 1?

As we prepare for the full launch of Multiversus Season 1 on Monday, August 15, 2022, Game director Tony Huynh hinted that we might start seeing some of the upcoming roster additions on the new season’s loading screens.

All roster additions will be made throughout the first season, so here are all the characters we currently know about, officially and rumored, when they’ll be added, and what we can expect from them.

Rick and Morty

Unlike Tom and Jerry, who are already in the game, Rick and Morty will be two separate fighters introduced at different times in Multiversus season 1.

The first of these two fighters to be introduced is Morty, who is scheduled to be added to the game on Tuesday, August 23, 2022. Morty can be labeled as an “expert”, suggesting a steep learning curve for the character. We also know that Morty will be a bruiser style fighter accordingly the official page of the Multiversus directory.

Rick currently doesn’t have a date attached to him other than “In Multiversus Season 1”, but we still have some information about the upcoming character, specifically his class, which is the third focus mage build alongside Tom and added to the game . Jerry and Bugs Bunny.

Black Man and Stripe

Two surprise announcements for the Multiversus Season 1 roster came in the form of Stripe from Gremlins and Black Adam from the DC Universe.

Very little is known about the two characters as of writing, but no class or release date has been announced, although it’s safe to assume that Black Adam will be nearing the film’s release date at the end of the season.

Gandalf and Legolas (Rumors)

Game director Tony Huynh’s tweet asking fans if they like bows and arrows has sparked speculation online as to whether or not this is a reference to another new character.

While there are two main options, with DC’s Green Arrow also a possible addition, Legolas seems more likely for several reasons.

The biggest reason many fans are speculating about the introduction of Legolas is the upcoming Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power TV series from Amazon. Adding relevant characters to Multiversus seems like an obvious step.

Legolas also fits the long-rumored character of Gandalf, referenced in game files from the beginning of Multversus, and even rumored as a character long before the game’s release.

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