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The latest eSports Boxing Club Dev Roundtable covered several aspects of the game that we were excited to hear about.

Unfortunately, no release date has been set yet, but we do know how the relationship between referees and umpires will affect the game.

Let’s see what the development team had to say.

Judging in the eSports Boxing Club

Several different aspects were discussed during the ESBC Dev Roundtable, but one aspect that caught our attention was judging.

In previous boxing games, the judging mechanic was hinted at, but never talked about much. It looks like the eSports Boxing Club is planning to dive a little deeper.

TECHNIQUE: Refereeing seems to attract more attention

Creative Director Ash Habib said “We wanted to really expand the way the judging system works at ESBC. We did that by giving judges, essentially, personalities.”

He also noted that the prevention card will appear between rounds, but will change throughout the fight.

He talked about how you’ll find judges in eSports Boxing Club who judge by accuracy while others will give points for big hits and damage. This kind of variety only makes ESBC a better game.

The relationship of arbitrators in the ESBC

The referees’ attitude also seems to be heavily involved when eSports Boxing Club ends.

The good part about this is that it provides a realistic aspect to this boxing game. Habib said that you probably won’t see the referee very often, although most boxers don’t worry about the referee during a match.

BUD CRAWFORD: We hope to have more game in the next few weeks

Some of the interactions that Habib mentioned are that the referee breaks down the boxers, scores points, checks for cuts and bruises, and even after the match is over.

He also asked the Boxing Club eSports community to send feedback on things they would like to see when ESBC is released.

Watch now: ESBC Dev Roundtable

If you’re wondering what the rest of the development team had to say, we have the full Roundtable ESBC Dev here for you.

Through the video they also stated that they plan to do these in the future along with more shows and a boxing match.

You’ll also find Boxing Fanatico content creator at the ESBC Dev Roundtable. The reason for this is that he has been testing the game and providing feedback.

For more information on the Boxing Club eSports Roundtable, follow this link.

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