Presentation and interactive Stanley Cup announced

There are several NHL 23 demos on the way, and one we’re very excited about is the Deep Dive Presentation coming tomorrow.

It looks like a new interactive Stanley Cup format is also on the way, so we’ll be taking a look at that as well as the new game.

NHL 23 Revealed Presentation

With the game’s release on the horizon, we’re learning more about NHL 23 with each revealed day, and another game is on the way. September 15.

The return of the NHL 23 presentation


There are a few things we can potentially learn with the new discovery, but the main focus is on some presentation changes.

New Features: What will change in NHL 23 compared to last year?

The original tweet from NHL 23’s Twitter account didn’t reveal much about what we’ll be learning other than an “interactive Stanley Cup” celebration.

At the same time, we expect to learn about some new graphics of the stadium and what World of Chel has added to it.

Order NOW: Reserve your copy of NHL 23 before it arrives

NHL 23 Rankings Revealed (So Far)

One area that will be revealed closer to our release date is the NHL 23 rankings, and cover star Trevor Zegras has already been revealed.

Trevor Zegras has an 87 OVR rating in NHL 23, leaving him plenty of room to grow as a player, but still excellent overall to start with.

That wasn’t the only player revealed for NHL 23, as Sarah Nurse came in with a 90 OVR rating, and we expect more to be revealed soon.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with all the ratings that will be revealed in the future, you can follow our ratings tracker here.

The latest trailer for NHL 23 has been released

One of the latest reveals was a gameplay trailer that showed off some of the new X Factor updates in NHL 23.

After playing the Closed Tech Test we can tell you that the game definitely stands out and we had a lot of fun testing World Of Chel.

WORLD OF CHEL: Get ready to see some new graphics this year

The big news regarding NHL 23 is that EA has made a move this year to include crossplay or cross-platform play in the game.

To check out some of the other changes coming to the platform this year, be sure to head over here and check out the reveal trailer.

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