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GENRE: Suspense, Horror, RPG

Chernobylite is a 3D Horror Fiction RPG based on the true story of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Your hero is on the way to discover the truth of his disturbing past, many years after the disaster. In addition to the disaster, something strange happened in that radioactive waste.


GENRE: Decision Based Story, Relaxing, Indie

You take on the character of Meredith Weiss, who must take a two-week break from her busy schedule to travel to her hometown of Providence Oaks (1986) and help her father as a postman.

The opportunity to interact with a diverse community, carry out peaceful daily activities and make your own independent decisions, whether it is about your love life, meeting your best friends or returning to your city or not; You must choose your destiny.

MotoGP 22

GENRE: Story Mode, Racing, Simulation

More than 120 riders, 20 official rounds and championships are available. Also experience one of the best historical champions ever seen in Moto GP history.

New Multiplayer mode

Fighting with your friends in split screen multiplayer mode is now possible.


GENRE: Arcade, Racing

If you’re a fan of arcade style racing games from the 90s, Slipstream will take you on a great ride. The game gave me a nostalgic Road Rash experience that reminds me of my childhood.

In my opinion, having a multiplayer mode makes the game even more interesting and a viable option to play with friends.


GENRE: Puzzle, Brain

You have to touch all the contained balls together to overcome the various traps, but the difficult part is that you control all the balls at the same time, which makes the game even more complicated as you keep leveling up and You start getting more balls.

If you have ever played Brain Dots, the game will be familiar to you. The only difference is that you don’t create shape objects to control the direction of the ball, but control all the balls at once.

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