Release time, all discounts and podium car

It’s safe to say we’ve waited long enough for new GTA Online content outside of the standard Weekly Update. Sources now suggest that big news is due this week.

Added Michael De Santa it became a rumor some time now and after Franklin’s arrival in the Covenant, it seems only right that Michael will also get his own little expansion.

That’s all we know about GTA Online’s Weekly Update, and we’ll keep you posted on any other important announcements that come out!

LATEST – This week’s update

GTA Online’s weekly update is live this week and here’s what it includes:

Podium: Sugoi

Ride Award: Zion Classic (Best 5 Car Meet Races, 3 consecutive days)

Diamonds are available for regular players, ~18% chance

3x GTA$ & RP in

2x GTA$ & RP in

  • Extra shooting
  • Open wheel races
  • Gerald’s last game

40% discount

  • Arcades
  • Casino
  • Penthouse renovation

50% discount

  • Casino Heist Utility update tables
  • Upgrade Casino Fitted Shirts

30% discount

  • Emerus ($1,925,000)
  • Trax ($1,627,500)
  • Karakara 4×4 ($612,500)
  • Hellion ($584,500)
  • Dresser ($1,190,000 – $892,500)

30% discount

  • Nebula Turbo ($557,900)
  • Neo ($1,312,500)
  • Outlaw ($887,600 – $665,700)
  • Rebla GTS ($822,500)
  • Vagrant ($1,549,800 – $1,162,350)

Time for GTA Online’s weekly update

The next GTA Online weekly update will be on Thursday, July 7th. Update information usually falls around it 2:00 PST / 5:00 EST / 10:00 GMT. This time can be extended by up to an hour, however, depending on the size of the update and if any other announcements are required.

Gta online Michael de Santa

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We’ll let you know when it goes live. Common source, @TezFunz2 is usually the first to tweet the change.

Last week’s update

During last week’s GTA Online Weekly Update, here’s what changed. There was a very “Independence Day” theme to many of the submissions available.


Podium: RT3000

Ride Award: Gauntlet Classic (Best 5 street races, 3 days in a row)

3x GTA$ in

  • Independence Day Land Races

3x GTA$ & RP in

  • Trade wars
  • Back (Remix)

2x GTA$ & RP in

Free Sovereign Bike and Parachute Patriot

War business cargo events

  • Statue of happiness
  • Beer hat Pisswasser
  • Benedict Beer Hat
  • Patriot Beer Hat
  • Supa Wet Beer Hat

50% discount

  • Independence Day content (dresses, decorations, colors of weapons…etc.)

40% discount

  • Objects (+Repairs)

50% discount

  • Liberator ($371,007)
  • Zentorno ($362,500)

40% discount

30% discount

  • MOC ($857,500 – $980,000)
  • Tempesta ($930,300)
  • Tug ($875,000)

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