Revealed map, affiliations, MyCAREER story mode and player creation

We took a quick look at NBA 2K23 The City during its previous reveal. Now, it wasn’t a complete look at the mode, but at least we got to see the map.

There’s no word yet on what it all means, but we’ve got a trailer to use and can tell a few things from it.

Let’s take a look at the trailer and our look at the map and partnerships.

NBA 2K23 The City has been revealed

There will be a full performance of The City September 7, 2022, is only a week away. Now we need to use the MyCAREER trailer.

The trailer shows clips of The City and a quick look at the NBA 2K23 The City map. We’ve got a trailer for you from the NBA 2K Twitter below.

We’ve learned quite a bit about MyCAREER and the story mode this year, but the visuals of NBA 2K23 The City are what we’re most excited about.

The map looks a little smaller, but that’s something we’re okay with, since it can destroy unreachable buildings.

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Affiliations are probably indicated

When you look at the NBA 2K23 The City map, you’ll notice that some areas of the map are color-coded, which could mean the return of the partnership.

There are several affiliations in NBA 2K22, and we think there may be even more in NBA 2K23.

OLD KEY: Which partnerships are returning in NBA 2K23?

We hope that during the full NBA 2K23 The City show, all affiliations will be revealed and how they will play out in your MyCAREER journey.

Once the full distribution is announced, we’ll be sure to bring you up to speed with all the changes at The City.

Information about NBA 2K23 MyCAREER

Today was a full MyCAREER day and featured some photos from NBA 2K23 The City.

The reveal of MyCAREER has been met with mixed feelings on Twitter, as some players feel as though it is a carbon copy of last year’s game.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Some players are already not fans of MyCAREER

However, there are a few new guests who have made it into the game mode, including JJ Reddick and J.Cole, the latter of whom also has a special edition cover.

In a week, we’ll have all the details on how MyCAREER integrates with NBA 2K23 The City.

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