Saw Man Chapter 2 Chapter 98 Reviews and Theories

Saw Man Chapter 2 Chapter 98 Reviews and Theories

this saw man manga is back! Chainsaw Man Part 2 is back with Episode 98 and what a great comeback!

No Denji!? What the fuck? We meet Chicken Demon Bucky and, more importantly, War Demon Asa Mitaka.

See my full Chainsaw Man Chapter 2 Chapter 98 Review below:

Saw Man Part 2 Part 98 Video

I am very excited to see what Tatsuki Fujimoto has prepared for us with Saw Man Part 2. A little disappointed that we had to wait to see Denji and Nayuta? Definitely. I think we’ll see them both in episode 2? Also definitely.

saw man chapter 2 episode ch 98 asa mitaka bucky chicken devil war tatsuki fujimoto manga
Bucky and Mitaka.

My guess is we’ll see them in Episode 99 and Denji and Mitaka will go to the same high school, possibly be friends without knowing each other’s identities. Maybe a little stretch, but we’ll see how it turns out.

Let me know what you think of Saw Man Chapter 2 Chapter 98! I read the last three chapters of Episode 1 to catch the Chainsaw Man (International Assassins arc, Gun Devil arc and Control Arc) to get ready for Episode 2 and it was well worth it.

Chainsaw Man truly goes from focusing on black comedy and violence to a tragic and depressing tale of friendship and loss. I can’t wait to see what Chainsaw Man’s future holds in Part 2.

Do you know about the bastard!! squad?

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