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Archer Island is a new experimental FPS Aim trainer game developed by Seminaut Game Studios where players can test their general reflexes and timing in First Person Shooter games. Although the game still in early access on Steam and not yet released, I was one of the lucky ones who got to try it out.

Whether you are an aspiring Esports player or a casual gamer trying to improve your FPS skills and K/D ratio, FPS Aim trainer games are always useful. After a few hours of playing and exploring Shooter Island, I will review the game and discuss all the features it has to offer.

Practice in different environments

Current environment available:

Aside from the visual aspects, each environment is uniquely suited for different types of guns for you to play with.

Once you’ve landed on a remote island, you can choose to explore the island and its various shooting ranges on your own. Or directly to the desired type of shooting by going to Options 》WARP settings and start your practice without wasting time regardless of your location on the island. So without it it will definitely be a long way from one shot to another unless you like wasting your time.

Playing in a realistic area instead of a closed room environment for target practice really adds to the virtual reality experience, making the game more interesting and interactive.

The overall graphics are very simple and straightforward -for now, which seems obvious since the game is still in its early stages of development and has yet to be fully released. It will be exciting to see the upcoming updates before the game is officially released.

Shooting trials to test your accuracy

Target detection, target navigation, target tracking

Before the game begins, test your shooting skills and reflexes in timed challenges with dual opponents in the corner at your chosen difficulty level and speed.

Choose the number of dummies (enemies) you want to fight, along with the difficulty level and the gun you’re tracking, the number of hits on the targets and the timer in the scoreboard.

For beginners as well as for gamers

Currently, you can choose from 3 types of weapons: a pistol, a submachine gun, and a long range rifle with unlimited ammo. Small details like color, weapon design, etc. at the moment may witness some improvements in the future during its official release. The game does not show the player excessive or distracting effects while playing, making it more appealing to the younger player base.

So if you’re someone who’s into competitive gaming or just a casual gamer trying to improve your general shooting skills, then Shooter Island is definitely worth checking out.

Whether you’re playing it now or waiting for its official release, I highly recommend you try Shooter Island on a virtual reality (VR) headset.

Full Release and Updates

This game should remain in early access for about two years.

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For more information, visit official Steam page from Archer Island.

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