The Game You Call Solitaire Is Actually Klondike And It’s The Best Way To Play It

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When someone says “Solitaire”, the game that comes to mind is Klondike.

Request free solitaire The variant that came with Windows PCs from time immemorial and is also what you get when you go to

Before I explain why is the best possible way to get your Solitaire fix, here’s a refresher on the rules.

Klondike is played with a standard 52-card deck. 28 of these cards are dealt into seven piles. The top card in each deck is dealt face up, while the rest are dealt face down.

This piece is called Tableau. The remaining 24 cards are called Stock, and they go face down in a pile just above the Tableau.

The object of the game is to sort all the cards in the Base Table and Stock into neat, regular piles arranged by suit and number. And you can only get there by moving cards of different colors and sequential numbers one on top of the other.

For example, you can move 7 Spades or Clubs onto 8 Diamonds or Cups. Get this job. After spawning an Ace, you can send it to the Foundation, then 2, 3, 4, etc.

At any point you can roll over one or three of the 24 Waste cards and, if available, bring it to the Chart or even directly to the Foundation.

This is the game. Surely you have already played it.

The reason we currently recommend playing Klondike on is because it comes with an extensive set of features.

You can use hints, change backgrounds and choose from a variety of card designs.

Plus, the site keeps track of your game stats constantly, so you can see at a glance how many games you’ve played, your win percentage, your best time, and much more.

Basically, everything you could want in a Klondike game.

To get started, go to: now.

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