The Great GPU Drought of 2022… and What You Can Do About It

NVIDIA has a 3090ti just leaked a few weeks ago. And even before launch, it already exists rumors of the next generation 4000 series at the end of the year.

Still, the current 3000 series is hard to find for the average gamer.

We discuss the factors behind GPU scarcity and what you can do to get one without paying exorbitant prices.

Why Is There a Lack of GPU?

First, why is there a graphics card drought in the first place? Four reasons:

The world has been locked down since someone ate a bat and people had to work from home. Of course, this cannot be the case for manufacturing industries such as PC hardware and GPU manufacturing, which cause supply chain problems.

chip shortage
There remains a shortage in silicon chip supply. Result: cars being shipped without some functionalitysuch as consumer electronics smart phones and consoles shortage of supply and of course NVIDIA and AMD are struggling to keep up with demand.

logistics issues
The Covid-19 outbreak not only affected production, but also caused problems for shipping and logistics companies. Everything from cargo ships, air freight, ground freight to last-mile UPS delivery was adversely affected. this evergreen fiasco It was one such event, but relatively short-term compared to the overall shipping disruption to date.

If you live on the other side of the New Iron Curtain, you’re in luck. The invasion of Ukraine led to dramatic sanctions against Russia and, to a lesser extent, Belarus. ie 3080ti it will be hard to find with in Moscow current generation games It was supposed to play on Steam, Microsoft, Sony, among others.

How to Get a GPU Without Peeling

And now we come to the real reason you’re here: how to get yourself a graphics card without gouging.

Without further ado, here are five ways to get this dream card without paying unbelievable prices.

1. Troll Dispute

Contrary to popular belief, GPUs trickle here and there, but most people aren’t aware of them. This is where Discord alerts come in.

There are numerous Discord channels alerting players when new posts arrive. Here are some of them:

Stock Drops
Tracks both RTX 3000 GPUs and AMD 6000 series GPUs and next-gen consoles

GPU Drops
Exclusive to video cards only

Fast Stock Checker
For NVIDIA 3000 series

2. Watch Youtube

YES, there are Youtube live streams dedicated to watching GPU stocks. If you have a spare monitor or TV, connect it to one of these channels and wait for the bell or sound.


3. Twitch

If you’re more of a Twitch fan than a Youtube expat, we’ve got you covered too!

Best Buy, Newegg, Amazon follow Nvidia RTX 3000/AMD Ryzen 5000/ Radeon 6000 in BH.

For RTX 3060TI, 3070, 3080 and 3090 campers

4. Sign Up for Inventory Trackers

There are online services that monitor retail stocks and send an alert email or a phone notification to you.

camel camel
It not only sends emails for new stocks, but also when prices drop based on your preferences. Note that it is limited to Amazon.
Supports a wider range of vendors
Useful for viewing different video card versions on one page

5. Buy a Ready-made Computer

For GPUs, it’s not just bots that ordinary consumers have to deal with: PC manufacturers themselves. One of the surest ways to get a video card is to buy the entire system that comes with it.

While this may seem like a silly tactic (or limited to players with a lot of money), you can still stand out. The exorbitant prices of high-end cards like the 3080ti and 3090 outshine almost any CPU build. If you remove the card, you can resell the computer components for an equal or marginal profit compared to the paid scalper prices. After all, there is always a market for mid-range components for gamers. not the newest, most demanding games.

Here you go. When you finally throw the old 980ti in the trash and enjoy the 90 FPS heat of your MS Flight Simulator maxed out, there’s no need to thank us.

You’re welcome.

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