The highly popular Hellsinger show almost never happened

During my time at Gamescom 2022, I was excited to get hands-on with Metal: Hellsinger once again after some incredibly successful free-to-play demos.

When trying to explain this game to someone, it’s easier to tell them to just go for it than to run around in circles detailing the amazing mix of FPS and rhythm game genres! However, I realized that the show almost never happened.

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The show no one wanted

After an insightful conversation with David Goldfarb & Sheila Wickstrom we found out that the demo of Metal: Hellsinger, which has over one million downloads, is something neither party wanted to release!

While both David and Sheila admit they can’t deny what the show did to expose the game, knowing that neither of them believed it would be a good idea.

David Goldfarb, a veteran of the FPS world, was the more outspoken of the two against the demo, admitting that it was the marketing team’s request that he finally took it on.

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It’s a lot to take in, but it certainly made it a lot easier to know how well a small part of the game was done. Sheela has been tight-lipped about her approach to the show, but has admitted that she wasn’t entirely in favor of the idea when she first heard about it, mainly because of the extra work involved and the fear that the reception might be too negative. .

On the other hand, the demo actually helped the studio confirm some of their fears about the game and gave them the confidence to go back to the studio and come up with a solution. However, the overall positive reception and outpouring of support was a source of affirmation, a huge boost to morale.

From the year was shown, the appearance of Metal: Hellsinger at Gamescom 2022 has changed a bit. Instead of looking at the game again, we had the chance to ask David and Sheila questions Funcom was also held crazy Metal: Hellsinger concert featuring several game artists performing their songs live.

What struck me from the rest of my conversation with David and Sheila is that Metal: Hellsinger is not necessarily a one-way project. As with any game, features and ideas are left on the cutting room floor and can be revised or changed. Strangers come back for another bite of the cherry.

Stay tuned for more Metal: Hellsinger coverage Thursday, September 15.

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