The Strange and Dark History of Netflix’s New Anime

SPRIGGAN is Netflix’s newest original anime released on 18/06/22.

After seeing the trailer spriggan I was wondering in May. I had never seen the 1998 movie, so I thought it was time to check this out and will read the manga when I’m ready.

striker spriggan manga netflix anime review
Striker Volume 1

The US has never seen a full release spriggan manga has been renamed as Viz only brought over 3, heavily edited volumes”Striker“.

Watch my SPRIGGAN Manga History video below for the full story!

The Dark History of SPRIGGAN Manga

Fortunately, Seven Seas Fun It will publish a full English translation for the first time in the US! spriggan It will be released in 4 Deluxe editions. Pre-order below (Amazon affiliate link).

What is the SPRIGGAN squad about?

In the final years of the Cold War era, national governments and paramilitary forces are in a race to uncover the remnants of an ancient civilization that once ruled the Earth. Technology has seemingly miraculous powers, but in the wrong hands that power can be disastrous.

Only the ARCAM Corporation’s elite special agents, SPRIGGAN, have what it takes to stand up to an international rogue’s gallery of power-hungry cyborgs and gunmen coveted for ultimate power. Arrogant and fearless Yu Ominae, a young SPRIGGAN equipped with ARCAM’s most powerful power armor, will do whatever it takes to eradicate the forbidden legacy of the past!

Seven Seas Fun

Be sure to come back for my review. of Netflix Spice anime.

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