Top 5 Browser-Based Games for 2022

Formerly, the game was limited to PC, console or handheld devices such as the Nintendo Gameboy and its modern counterpart, the Switch. Games had to be purchased, unpacked, and installed.

But today there is a new category of games: browsers. TRUE. Unlike the Netscape Navigator and (flickering) Internet Explorer of old, modern browsers are powerful enough to run full-fledged games.

Here are 5 of our picks for browser-based games in 2022.

one. night point

Type: top down shooter

Favorites: Multiplayer!

Picture1.gif is a browser-based .io game that lets you fight zombies and other human players from a top-down perspective.

You start in a zombie-infested city where you must earn enough points to level up your character and move up the leaderboard. Weaker zombies are usually found on the outskirts of the city, with stronger and faster opponents appear as you get closer to the city centre.

A twist is that the zombies themselves have weapons, and you can upgrade your arsenal by killing zombies and looting their bodies. But just like in Hollywood movies, the biggest threat isn’t the zombies: other humans fighting each other to get to the top.

2. Passenger

Type: Physics based simulation

Favorites: A very simple concept that can be addictive

via gfycat

At first glance, Linerider looks like a freshman’s drawing has been turned into animation. But don’t let the simple graphics fool you – this game will test your physics knowledge and creativity.

The premise is simple: you have to draw a track where the character on the screen will ride the sled. For some high-flying stunts, you can create downhill dives, rolling hills or sporty ramps. When you’re done, hit play to see if the sled can actually do it. Whatever you draw must obey the laws of physics, or the sled will jam or actually roll backwards.

Linerider supports both Chrome and Firefox and is a must play if you have a stylus or touchscreen.

3. Shell Shocks

Type: First-person Shooter

Favorites: A bizarre take on the classic FPS game

FPS games are one of the overcrowded genres… there are more shooters on the market than demons in Serious Sam. This game brings a funny twist to that tired old concept.

Instead of attacking soldiers or zombies, you fight eggs. Hundreds of. In fact, your character itself is an egg with 4 classes to choose from. Each class gets its own weapons and attributes. The weapons themselves are bizarre, as are the agitator shotgun and the devastating RPEGG. And of course, if you’re running out of ammo for your primary gun, there’s always the reliable Cluck 9mm.

Colorful game modes include classic free-for-all, King of the Coop or the crazy Capture the Spatula. Players can also play crosswise with mobile users and earn rewards and skins as you play!

4. Coma

Type: side scrolling adventure

Favorites: Stunning visuals with compelling story

The coma takes place in a dream landscape. The player must help the character Pete navigate this ethereal world while uncovering secrets to advance the story. You use the arrow keys to move and the mouse to advance the dialog.

what does it do this is indie game It’s incredible visuals, rich music, and compelling premise often found in paid titles. There’s also a nice twist at the end that has many players wondering and itching for more. It supports all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.


Type: snake game

Favorites: A Tron-style update of the classic game


If you have fond memories of playing the classic snake game on Nokia phones, this game is for you. Relive those 3310 memories, but this time updated with Tron-style visuals and multiplayer gameplay.

The goal is to grow your snake and collect as many power-ups as possible while avoiding your own body and other players. Some snakes provide support if you slide close to them, just be careful not to bump into each other!

The game supports cross-play with mobile players as well as Chrome and Firefox.

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